Our dog training classes in Southampton also include Puppy Training and help to ensure that your dog or puppy becomes a well adjusted and trusted member of society.

Let’s Get Started Puppy Programme’

As a responsible dog owner you need to provide your puppy with some direction and boundaries to follow.

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If you are thinking of getting a new puppy, want to improve on your dogs existing training or taking on a rescue dog, AA Dog Training in Southampton have the skills you need.

We provide Dog Training Classes and Puppy Training Classes in Southampton & Surrounding Areas

Why Dog Training?

Dog and puppy training is not just essential but it’s great fun too!

AA dog training classes in Southampton include Puppy Training (up to 6 months), Back to Basics for dogs over 6 months.There are lots of fun classes available following your initial training so you and your dog can continue to learn and have a great time together.

All dog training classes are taught in a positive, kind and fun way for both owner and dog.

Dog TrainingOutside

We believe that it is important to simulate as natural an environment as possible and that dog training should be an outside activity.

It is for this reason that a majority of our classes take place in our own private dog training field in Hedge End, Southampton.

A well behaved, socialised dog will give you the wonderful companion most of us are looking for when we decide to get a dog.


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